AiTrade is committed to protecting your money

and your personal data at all times.


We are fully aware of the importance of keeping your data safe and secure, that’s why we use  special mechanisms and security controls to protect your privacy and personal data in the best way possible , to prevent unauthorised data collecting, copying, editing, deleting or any similar activities,as our client we want you fully aware ,that we always make our best efforts to protect you data and improve our security method’s  efficiency  so that you can have a safer and more secure trading and extremely protected personal information.  some of AiTrade several mechanisms to ensure the security of your personal information are:


  • Regularly updating and checking The trading platform for errors.

  • Doubled security protection  to prevent hackings .

  • Separated servers for trading activity and transaction details .

  • Our server is protected with the highest levels of  protection internationally.

  • Advanced SSL system to authenticate users.