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Time Cur. Imp. Event Actual Forecast Previous
15:00  BHDLowCPI (YoY) (Mar)1.20%0.90%
15:00  BHDLowCPI (MoM) (Mar)0.80%0.20%
All Day Holiday أستراليا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday فرنسا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday لبنان - عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday بريطانيا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday سويسرا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday نيوزيلندا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday إسبانيا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday إيطاليا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
All Day Holiday ألمانيا - يوم الاثنين من عيد الفصح
15:30  USDLowChicago Fed National Activity (Mar)-0.152.55-0.31
16:05  KWDLowCPI (MoM) (Mar)0.00%0.10%
16:05  KWDLowCPI (YoY) (Mar)0.00%0.60%
17:00  USDModerateExisting Home Sales (MoM) (Mar)-4.9%-3.8%11.2%
17:00  USDHighExisting Home Sales (Mar)5.21M5.30M5.48M
18:30  USDLow3-Month Bill Auction2.400%2.380%
18:30  USDLow6-Month Bill Auction2.400%2.390%
06:00  NZDLowCredit Card Spending (YoY)5.1%6.4%
08:00  JPYLowBoJ Core CPI (YoY)0.5%0.5%0.4%
08:00  SGDModerateCPI (YoY) (Mar)0.6%0.6%0.5%
14:44  SARLowCPI (MoM) (Mar)-0.1%-0.2%
14:45  SARLowCPI (YoY) (Mar)-2.1%-2.2%
15:30  CADModerateWholesale Sales (MoM) (Feb)0.3%0.1%0.4%
15:55  USDLowRedbook (YoY)6.0%5.0%
15:55  USDLowRedbook (MoM)1.2%0.7%
16:00  USDLowHouse Price Index (MoM) (Feb)0.3%0.6%0.6%
16:00  USDLowHouse Price Index (YoY) (Feb)4.9%5.6%
16:00  USDLowHouse Price Index (Feb)272.8272.1
16:00  EURLowFrench 12-Month BTF Auction-0.527%-0.521%
16:00  EURLowFrench 3-Month BTF Auction-0.516%-0.519%
16:00  EURLowFrench 6-Month BTF Auction-0.515%-0.521%
17:00  USDHighNew Home Sales (Mar)692K647K662K
17:00  USDModerateNew Home Sales (MoM) (Mar)4.5%-3.0%5.9%
17:00  USDLowRichmond Manufacturing Index (Apr)31010
17:00  USDLowRichmond Manufacturing Shipments (Apr)-22
17:00  USDLowRichmond Services Index (Apr)265
17:00  EURLowConsumer Confidence (Apr)   -7.9-7.0-7.2
18:30  USDLow52-Week Bill Auction2.360%2.360%
20:00  USDLow2-Year Note Auction2.355%2.261%
23:30  USDModerateAPI Weekly Crude Oil Stock6.900M-3.096M
02:50  JPYLowCorporate Services Price Index (CSPI) (YoY)1.1%1.1%1.1%
04:30  AUDModerateCPI (YoY) (Q1)1.3%1.5%1.8%
04:30  AUDHighCPI (QoQ) (Q1)0.0%0.2%0.5%
04:30  AUDLowCPI Index Number (Q1)114.10114.10
04:30  AUDModerateTrimmed Mean CPI (QoQ) (Q1)0.3%0.4%0.4%
04:30  AUDLowTrimmed Mean CPI (YoY) (Q1)1.6%1.7%1.8%
04:30  AUDLowWeighted mean CPI (QoQ) (Q1)0.1%0.4%0.4%
04:30  AUDLowWeighted mean CPI (YoY) (Q1)1.2%1.6%1.7%
07:30  JPYLowAll Industries Activity Index (MoM)-0.2%-0.2%0.0%
08:00  JPYLowLeading Index97.197.496.5
09:45  EURLowFrench Business Survey (Apr)101102103
11:00  EURLowItalian Trade Balance Non-EU (Mar)3.42B2.16B
11:00  CHFLowZEW Expectations (Apr)-7.7-26.9
11:00  EURModerateGerman Business Expectations95.296.095.6
11:00  EURModerateGerman Current Assessment103.3103.6103.9
11:00  EURHighGerman Ifo Business Climate Index99.299.999.6
11:05  AEDLowPrivate Sector Loans (YoY) (Mar)0.20%0.60%
11:30  GBPLowPublic Sector Net Borrowing (Mar)0.84B-0.80B-0.51B
11:30  GBPLowPublic Sector Net Cash Requirement (Mar)8.871B0.671B
11:30  EURLowSpanish Trade Balance-2.63B-4.48B
11:50  AEDLowM3 Money Supply (YoY) (Apr)6.90%6.90%
12:40  EURModerateGerman 10-Year Bund Auction0.020%-0.050%
14:00  USDLowMBA 30-Year Mortgage Rate4.46%4.44%
14:00  USDLowMBA Mortgage Applications (WoW)-7.3%-3.5%
14:00  USDLowMBA Purchase Index269.3280.7
14:00  USDLowMortgage Market Index425.6459.0
14:00  USDLowMortgage Refinance Index1,293.01,453.0
17:00  CADHighBoC Monetary Policy Report
17:00  CADModerateBoC Rate Statement
17:00  CADHighBoC Interest Rate Decision1.75%1.75%1.75%
17:30  USDHighCrude Oil Inventories5.479M1.255M-1.396M
17:30  USDLowCrude Oil Imports0.877M-0.659M
17:30  USDModerateCushing Crude Oil Inventories0.463M-1.543M
17:30  USDLowDistillate Fuel Production0.241M-0.215M
17:30  USDLowEIA Weekly Distillates Stocks-0.662M-1.158M-0.362M
17:30  USDLowGasoline Production-0.136M-0.252M
17:30  USDLowHeating Oil Stockpiles-0.288M0.793M
17:30  USDLowGasoline Inventories-2.129M-1.042M-1.174M
18:15  CADHighBOC Press Conference   
20:00  USDLow5-Year Note Auction2.315%2.172%
All Day Holiday أستراليا - يوم انزاك
All Day Holiday نيوزيلندا - يوم انزاك
All Day Holiday مصر - عيد تحرير سيناء
02:50  JPYLowForeign Bonds Buying1,170.0B598.7B
02:50  JPYLowForeign Investments in Japanese Stocks1,426.6B527.4B
Tentative  JPYHighBoJ Monetary Policy Statement
Tentative  JPYHighBoJ Outlook Report (YoY)
Tentative  JPYModerateBoJ Interest Rate Decision-0.10%-0.10%-0.10%
Tentative  JPYHighBoJ Press Conference   
10:00  EURLowSpanish PPI (YoY)1.9%
10:00  EURLowSpanish Unemployment Rate (Q1)14.38%14.45%
11:00  EURModerateECB Economic Bulletin
13:00  GBPLowCBI Distributive Trades Survey (Apr)-18
13:00  GBPModerateCBI Industrial Trends Orders (Apr)31
15:30  USDModerateCap Goods Ship Non Defense Ex Air (MoM)   -0.1%
15:30  USDLowContinuing Jobless Claims1,699K1,653K
15:30  USDHighCore Durable Goods Orders (MoM) (Mar)0.2%-0.1%
15:30  USDModerateDurable Goods Orders (MoM) (Mar)0.7%-1.6%
15:30  USDLowDurables Excluding Defense (MoM) (Mar)0.1%-1.9%
15:30  USDLowGoods Orders Non Defense Ex Air (MoM) (Mar)0.1%-0.1%
15:30  USDModerateInitial Jobless Claims199K192K
15:30  USDLowJobless Claims 4-Week Avg.201.25K
15:30  EURModerateECB's De Guindos Speaks   
17:30  USDLowNatural Gas Storage91B92B
18:00  USDLowKC Fed Composite Index (Apr)10
18:00  USDLowKC Fed Manufacturing Index (Apr)17
18:30  USDLow4-Week Bill Auction2.400%
18:30  USDLow8-Week Bill Auction2.390%
20:00  USDLow7-Year Note Auction2.281%
All Day Holiday لبنان - الجمعة العظيمة
Tentative  USDModerateTreasury Department Report
01:45  NZDLowExports (Mar)5.30B4.82B
01:45  NZDLowImports (Mar)5.15B4.80B
01:45  NZDModerateTrade Balance (YoY) (Mar)-6,339M-6,620M
01:45  NZDModerateTrade Balance (MoM) (Mar)131M12M
02:30  JPYModerateJobs/applications ratio (Mar)1.641.63
02:30  JPYModerateTokyo Core CPI (YoY) (Apr)1.1%1.1%
02:30  JPYLowTokyo CPI (YoY) (Apr)1.1%0.9%
02:30  JPYLowUnemployment Rate (Mar)2.4%2.3%
02:50  JPYModerateIndustrial Production (MoM) (Mar)   0.1%0.7%
02:50  JPYLowIndustrial Production forecast 1m ahead (MoM) (Apr)1.3%
02:50  JPYLowIndustrial Production forecast 2m ahead (MoM) (May)1.1%
02:50  JPYModerateRetail Sales (YoY) (Mar)0.8%0.6%
03:30  SGDLowURA Property Index (QoQ) (Q1)-1.50%
04:30  AUDLowExport Price Index (QoQ) (Q1)3.5%4.4%
04:30  AUDLowImport Price Index (QoQ) (Q1)0.4%0.5%
04:30  AUDModeratePPI (QoQ) (Q1)0.4%0.5%
04:30  AUDModeratePPI (YoY) (Q1)2.0%2.0%
05:30  SGDLowUnemployment Rate (Q1)2.2%2.2%
08:00  SGDLowIndustrial Production (MoM) (Mar)-2.0%-4.1%
08:00  SGDLowIndustrial Production (YoY) (Mar)0.7%
09:45  EURLowFrench Consumer Confidence (Apr)9796
11:00  CHFModerateSNB Chairman Thomas Jordan speaks
11:30  GBPModerateGross Mortgage Approvals38.7K35.3K
12:45  EURLowItalian 6-Month BOT Auction-0.062%
13:00  GBPLowCBI Distributive Trades Survey (Apr)0-18
13:00  GBPModerateCBI Industrial Trends Orders (Apr)31
13:00  EURModerateFrance Jobseekers Total3,366.0K
15:30  USDLowCore PCE Prices   1.30%1.80%
15:30  USDHighGDP (QoQ) (Q1)   2.2%2.2%
15:30  USDModerateGDP Price Index (QoQ) (Q1)   1.3%1.9%
15:30  USDLowPCE Prices   1.5%
15:30  USDLowReal Consumer Spending (Q1)2.5%
17:00  USDLowMichigan 5-Year Inflation Expectations (Apr)2.30%
17:00  USDModerateMichigan Consumer Expectations (Apr)86.085.8
17:00  USDModerateMichigan Consumer Sentiment (Apr)97.196.9
17:00  USDLowMichigan Current Conditions (Apr)114.2114.2
17:00  USDLowMichigan Inflation Expectations (Apr)2.4%
18:00  CADLowBudget Balance (YoY) (Feb)-1.21B
18:00  CADLowBudget Balance (Feb)-1.54B
20:00  USDModerateU.S. Baker Hughes Oil Rig Count825
20:00  USDModerateU.S. Baker Hughes Total Rig Count1,012
22:30  GBPModerateCFTC GBP speculative net positions0.9K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Aluminium speculative net positions-98.0K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Copper speculative net positions5.3K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Corn speculative net positions-154.5K
22:30  USDModerateCFTC Crude Oil speculative net positions515.3K
22:30  USDModerateCFTC Gold speculative net positions56.3K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Natural Gas speculative net positions-50.1K
22:30  USDModerateCFTC S&P 500 speculative net positions16.0K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Silver speculative net positions5.9K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Soybeans speculative net positions-56.9K
22:30  USDLowCFTC Wheat speculative net positions-41.5K
22:30  CADLowCFTC CAD speculative net positions-49.2K
22:30  CHFLowCFTC CHF speculative net positions-32.6K
22:30  AUDModerateCFTC AUD speculative net positions-46.9K
22:30  JPYModerateCFTC JPY speculative net positions-87.1K
22:30  NZDLowCFTC NZD speculative net positions-3.2K
22:30  EURModerateCFTC EUR speculative net positions-98.0K